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Updated: Jan 21

How many kids?!

My husband (Russell Wilde) and I dated for three (3) years before we got married. It was another five (5!) years before we had kids. But life comes at you pretty fast. If you don't look around every once in a while, you may find yourself celebrating fifteen (15) years of marriage with five (5!) kids in tow.

Did you plan this?!

The short answer to that is no. and yes.

I've been amazed as I reconnect with old friends and colleagues on the campaign trail to hear so many of them say, "You always said you would have 5 kids." I honestly don't remember that! One of these people was my former boss, when she was the District Attorney for Hays County. When she said this I vaguely remember the conversation at the statewide prosecutor's conference.

But the flip side to that answer is also no. I could not predict or plan 5 pregnancies, 5 deliveries, and 5 healthy babies. No person can. This part came into our lives outside of our control- as it does for all parents.

Any path we take in life has risks and results that can be beyond our control. We can plan, work, and strive for our goals, but in the end it is often out of our hands.

I realize this is true in having a family and in running for office. At the end of the campaign, the voter in the voting booth determines the win. No matter the amount of work put in, people that you meet, or signs you put up, it is totally in the hands of the voters for success.

I will continue to serve and be diligent throughout this campaign. And I ask that when you vote, you vote Wilde for judge. Then people may say, "Did you plan this?" and my answer will be that same:

No. And Yes.

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