Why voting is important to our local community

Updated: Jan 21

Democracy doesn't work if we don't have options.

I make a concerted effort to get out and vote in every election- big or small. Sometimes that means I just vote on a constitutional amendments. Other times it affects my taxes, roads, and the legal system that protects me.

“Because I have a voice!" -King's Speech

After years of voting I have not yet had "voter burnout." And when I wonder why it has been so important to me for so long, I often think of that line from the movie, The King's Speech.

Our Voice and Our Choice

I can't say that every vote I've ever cast in my life made a difference. But when I've voted, I have used a voice that I did not use before. Voting goes well beyond a winner and loser or a provision passing or not passing. It is a way to share just how divided or united we are on different issues. It is a way we declare our community for or against a trend or a policy. We can step back after an election and realize just where we stand as a community- united or divided. Are we as the audience of our ever changing world standing together and directing things one way? Or are the reviews "mixed" or "unclear"?

Walking onto the candidate stage and out of the voter audience, I see my role in a new way. Democracy only works if we have options. We need candidates- more than one- running and giving us different possibilities of what can work. Only then can we vote and discover where our community is going in our values.

In a time of a pandemic backlog of both civil and criminal matters, the choice in the race for the 207th Judicial District is clear- vote for Charmaine Wilde and vote for the service, experience, and diligence that unites our communities and moves these cases to finally getting justice delayed by the pandemic. Vote for me and let's get "Wilde" for justice.

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