Speaking out for Justice and Access to Courts

A beautiful thing happens as I go around talking with people about running for office- my message becomes clearer and clearer. I can see in my mind better and with greater detail what motivated me to run for judge.


At the start of my desire to run for judge back in the summer of 2021, it felt like more of a hunch. It was a far-off idea that did not seem close to happening. I had heard some rumors that Judge Robison might retire, but there's always a lot of speculation that happens in those situations.

Summer slowly turned to fall (here in Texas those dogged warm summer days hang on well into October). Things began to take form a little clearer and I could see that there might be a opening and an opportunity to pour out my passion and love for the courtroom in a different way than I have before.



In speaking with children that I represent, I often have them cover up one eye and see what they can see. Inevitably the child will tell me that they can't see as well as with both eyes or that they need the other eye to see the other side. Then I have them switch eyes with the same result. I explain to the child that a judge should be able to see with both eyes, while an attorney for a parent only sees through one eye.

This is the unique experience I bring to the bench. I've seen with either eye as I've been a prosecutor or plaintiff and then, as switching eyes, as a defense attorney and defendant/respondent. It is the full experience of the justice system that makes serving as a judge something that is a unique strength to the judicial process. I can be fair to both sides- I've walked in the shoes of both attorney positions and I know the strengths and limitations of each role.


As I speak with voters, this is a particularly important matter for them- they WANT judges that are well rounded and can see both sides. They WANT judges who are invested in their profession and not just a career or a paycheck.


And that brings me back around to my vision, my message, and my purpose in this campaign becoming clearer and clearer. I can now distill into a 30 second door approach what the hallmarks of my campaign:

  1. I am the only candidate that has worked as a prosecutor and has made sentencing/plea recommendations.

  2. There are no Democrats running and the Republican Primary determines this election.

  3. Their vote for me is a vote for fairness, a judge ready to preside, and a judge eager to engage.

I am thankful for the responses I've received from voters. Responses like:

- You have a lot of zeal for this!

- I can tell you work very hard- hard work is your passion.

- You are so serious about this- I love it -but also can you smile more (I don't mind this one too much- I know I get really focused on things and I forget to smile)


I look forward to the next 30+ days (can you believe March 1 is that close?!). I love meeting with people and sharing my message. I truly believe in the relationships and the commitment in our communities is greater than just throwing money and campaign signs to win this election.

Together it is possible to continue justice and to seat a new judge that has the dedication (or zeal!) and passion that we need to serve nonstop justice in our communities!

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