Starting off literally running!

Updated: Jan 21

For the past 10 years I have volunteered at the Sights and Sounds 5k. This year I turned this service into participating- as I ran in the race and began my run for the 207th Judicial District.

In 2011 I was pregnant with my first child and yet still eager to help others. I was asked to help direct race participants along the race path so they did not go the wrong way. What started as a one day volunteer opportunity ended up being an annual repeat activity each year. We had our "corner."

Then came 2021 and two things had changed.

First, my friend and I ran the race to celebrate making it through a difficult year.

Second, I began my run to serve as a state district judge.

Here's what happened

2020 was a game-changing year for many of us. The downtime gave us a chance to re-think our lives and careers. In the midst of that I felt the call deeply to become a candidate for public service. But, as many candidates and elected officials know, running a campaign is not easy. It's work, sacrifice, and time.

As I ruminated on this feeling through the first part of 2021, my ability to serve I ultimately decided with my friends and family to run for Judge Robison's open seat (the 207th Judicial District).

I officially filed my paperwork on Friday, December 10th.

So there we were at the starting line of the race. My friend and I were eager and nervous to start our run and I began to explain that I was "already running." We had a good laugh as I explained I meant judicially- and once the buzzer sounded it was quite literally!

Running in a race- a 5k or elected office- involved so much more than informal service. It is you who is doing the work, you pounding the pavement, you who must go the distance.

I made it to the finish line in that race. I look forward to reaching the finish line in this one too. And I hope you're there, cheering me on.

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