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Updated: Jan 21

My Veteran's Day Tree

I'm not sure what brought on setting up my Christmas tree so early this year. I think it may have been the knowledge that we are all going through an adjustment period and I needed something familiar and kind to remind me of why we do what we do. So here is our Veteran's Day tree.

“But why no ornaments?"

Families used to, and some perhaps still do, light a candle for those who have passed on. Particularly if there was someone who served in the military.

I had many family and friends pass away this year who served our country. As I have attended their services and burials I realize that each light represented a life that made my life, and my family's life capable of enjoying our Constitutional freedoms. It seemed that the price for this was so much more than just one or two candles. But thousands upon thousands brought us here to this point.

So I put up the tree to remind me. We are free because of the work and sacrifice of others. Our law enforcement and laws make it so we can have peace on earth. If elected judge I would diligently work to keep this peace- not even close to the sacrifice of our veteran's. But to do my little part, shine my little light, in making sure our laws are enforced and freedoms available to all.

The ornaments can wait. This Veteran's day, after a year where I lost so many of my Veteran's, is for the lights.

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