Early Voting Started TODAY!

I spent my day out in the sun greeting voters at the polls! I am so happy that voting has started- this is what we've worked hard on for many months. The weather today was perfect for being out and about. Here are a few short reasons that may encourage you to go vote early:

1. Signs don't vote- people do. So often in campaigns the "success" is simply measured by the number of signs there are everywhere. There is no doubt that signs help get the word out, but ultimately it is THE PEOPLE that vote. Not the signs.

2. If you don't like the weather, it'll change. I've seen, heard, and lived the horror stories of voting in the rain, cold, or even in flood conditions here in Texas. Today was a day to picnic and be outside. Tomorrow is going to be similar. But the next day there's a call for high winds. And some say we may have one more hard freeze this winter. So- go vote now while the weather is good!

3. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. A good friend of mine who has run in a few elections told me at the onset of my campaign- "While this is important to you, it's not important to everybody." I can totally understand that. And I think it's true. So- while it's on your mind to "Vote Wilde- GO. VOTE. WILDE! Because it's not on your mind all day, every day, like me. Get it done, and keep focused on the important things you've got on your mind!

4. Primary Elections are won, one vote at a time. Your vote truly does count in a primary election! The number of voters that turn out in a primary election is quite small compared to all the registered voters- and it's much smaller than the general election voters. So if you feel that your vote doesn't make a difference, know that it truly does make or break the election.

5. Go early and avoid the lines! After getting used to social distancing, who wants to stand in a line anymore? When you vote early you almost guarantee to avoid the crowds (and COVID). All day today I watched voters walk in and out with about 10-15 minutes in the building. That's quicker than a trip to HEB (or Target)! But I will say- not all buildings have bathrooms. So go with the intent to get in and out. Don't plan on it turning into a social hour.

Well, thank you all for voting! Today- or tomorrow, whenever you go. Just remember to: GO. VOTE. WILDE!!!

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