Ballot Draw Day

Today in Hays, Comal, and Caldwell counties, state and local candidates "drew" their place on the ballots for the March 1st Republican Primary Election.

Voting data shows that if you're first on the ballot for an election, you get more votes. As someone with a "W" last name, I'm used to being near the end of the list. So this gave an interesting possibility to be sooner on the list. Here's how I faired:

I'm 2nd on the ballot in Comal.

3rd on the ballot in Hays.

4th (last) on the ballot in Caldwell.

While I won't have that "first listed luck" in any county, what I can do is work to earn your vote. Serving as a judge is more than just "luck" or a "random vote." It's about voting for a judge that has the experience, the proven dedication and public service, and that will seek justice for our community.

I took this opportunity to ballot draw to teach my children about the election process and how we try to make it as fair as possible. In the picture I let my daughter draw my number. While she felt bad at first for not drawing a better place, I had a great teaching opportunity to talk with her about luck vs. work.

Let's keep teaching the rising generation about selecting proven leaders at the polls.

Vote Wilde for judge on March 1.

Vote Wilde to work for our communities on March 1.

Go Wilde and vote against luck. Vote for working Wilde!

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