Back to My Roots: Baylor Law School

Updated: Jan 21

Where I started my legal career built a foundation for me in the courtroom.

When I began applying to law school I had some criteria I wanted to be sure I achieved in beginning my legal career. I knew I wanted to be in the courtroom from when I first decided to be an attorney, which is a post for another day that I am sure I will write.

So as I looked around at where to go, I had two goals that led to where I went:

#1 - Location

At the time I applied to law school I lived in San Marcos. I knew I did not want to leave my home and the life that I had started here. So I knew that I would focus on attending a school that would allow me to come back home on the weekends or close to that.

#2 - Courtroom Preparation

As I applied at law schools I learned that not every school had the same academic pattern. I particularly noticed that Baylor Law School focused on courtroom preparation. Every Baylor Law student must go through their Practice Court program. This rigorous program puts students in the courtroom and teaches them to perfect their advocacy skills. When I saw this I knew that I wanted to have this as a foundation of my career.

So, how did it go?

The short version is that I got in, completed the program, graduated, and passed the bar on the first time. I was hired as an Assistant District Attorney before I even took the bar exam (on the understanding I would be fired if I did not pass the bar exam... but I did).

The short version is that I had my first child 4 months prior to graduating. I managed to keep my home locally and came home almost every weekend.

I took my kids back to visit a while ago and showed them the place that gave me the foundation for my career. I showed them the statue of Matt "Mad Dog" Dawson that both inspired me and terrified me every day as I walked in to present my first courtroom arguments.

That foundation sums up what my career is built on.

Hard work. Staying in the communities I love. Family. Ethical courtroom advocacy.

These are the values judges need. A vote for me is a vote for these values.

Vote Wilde on March 1.

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